Saturday, April 03, 2010

Wind-swept hair


Gareth said...

Hi, I dont know if i have ever actually met you or not, Im Talitha's mate Gareth. She directed me ages ago to your blog site, cause of my similar interests. i always do enjoy checking your blog every so often as you take photos and are interested in many similar things to myself. I thought of you today, as i had encountered my first Praying Mantis in my garden,I have not held one of those since i think mid primary school. Great creatures, i do wonder if you pick up any of the creatures you take photos of? i pick up all sorts of creatures, i am lucky they rarely bite me :D Anyway, praying Mantis have always been one of my favs, they are so interesting to look in the eyes. Catch Ya later. Btw, i didnt see any nice sea birds in your picks!!

Anonymous said...

Woops missed the Seagulls, i had meant the more unusual sea birds anyhow :D

Della said...

Hi Gareth,

I think we met @ Tal's birthday lunch at Vegie Hut? :) I'm glad you enjoy my blog. I've been meaning to update it with a whole lot of photos from my trip to NZ, so I guess I should get on with doing that *lol*

Praying mantises are really cute insects. Saw one the other day, actually, although I didn't pick it up! I don't tend to pick up that many insects, although there are exceptions for the ones that won't bite :)