Monday, November 14, 2011


Letters and numbers


Lichen and moss


From Mount Donna Buang

The burnt areas from the aftermath of Black Saturday can still be seen from the lookout on top of Mount Donna Buang. Sobering reminders.

Three Sugars


Green pants

Pants: ASOS
Shoes: Sportscraft

Since buying a bright green Monsoon cardigan last year in Winchester, I've had a thing for green clothes. Really, really bright green. The sort of green that would probably not go all that well in a biblical plague of locusts. But green nonetheless. Since then, I've bought another green cardigan and a bright green Winter coat (which arrived just in time for ultra-hot weather here).

I saw these pants the other week on and thought, "If they're as green as they look on screen, I have to have them."

And they are!

They're so awesome. They arrived last Thursday, and then I ended up ordering a couple more pairs (in some other colours) because I was so happy with the fit, the length, everything. They look a little bit Mad Men casual wear or something in a way, and if the warmer weather continues, I'm definitely going to be teaming them with a lace swing blouse I got from Target years ago for $5 (it was missing a button - score!).

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Gold Mask Part I

I bought this mask years ago at the Wild Thyme cafe in Warburton, Victoria. They always used to have a lot of local art on display (and I think they still probably do), and this mask just tempted me too much, so I bought it. Supporting local artists and all of that - surprisingly rewarding! I loved the colour, the fit, everything. It's not all that practical, really, when you think about it. But almost all art isn't - it's just the aesthetic functionality of it that works. Plus it was less creepy than the Green Man mask they had. That one gave me the shivers for some reason.

The Gold Mask Part II

The Gold Mask Part III

Monday, October 17, 2011

Irregular choices

Can't Touch This

I like a shoe that involves MC Hammer quotes.

Well... Not sure about that. I've never met a shoe that's too legit to quit yet. But I did have an MC Hammer Barbie doll when I was a kid, which came with a tape with a couple of his songs on it and a special message about staying off the drugs. Or something like that. Not totally sure, don't remember, only remember that purple outfit he was accessorised with. Fancy pants.


These are my favourite Irregular Choice shoes of the three pairs I ordered. They are just so beautiful. If I ever get married, I want to wear these for the wedding. I love them that much. The gold pattern, the pretty flowers... The little violets really make the shoe. I don't know why, but they wouldn't be as spectacular without that small splash of purple. Love it. Love them.

You can also kind of see the heel in the upper right side of the pic. So pretty.

Shiny gold-print Flick Flacks

Yes, I did get two pairs of Irregular Choice's Flick Flacks. I couldn't decide between this pair and the zebra-print pair. I think I like these slightly more than the zebra-print pair, but it's so close a contest between the two that it doesn't matter at all. But I do like the sequins. And the gentle gold print.

Zebra-print Flick Flacks ^_^

Irregular Choice had a free shipping offer on last week.

Sooo... I indulged. For the price of free, you may as well get a few pairs, right?

I really like these shoes. Actually, I like all of their shoes. Although their sizes seem to run a little small, so I took advice from teh interwebz (for reals!) and ordered a size or two up. Well, you can always stuff the toe of the shoe with tissue paper or wear insoles. You can't make a shoe that's too small magically fit you. Turns out ordering a couple sizes bigger than usual worked out really well. There's a bit of room to move in the toe area, so I might find some tissue paper for that. But other than that, they are amazing.

And have shiny bits ^_^

Monday, October 10, 2011

Another beach

Cycad seed pods

Sarracenia flava var. rugelii

Sarracenia leucophylla x formosa

Well, according to the label it has, this is what this sarracenia is. Not sure I believe them though. If anyone else has a better idea of what this one might be, let me know :)

Sarracenia minor "Giant"

More sarracenias...

Went to the local nursery that sells carnivorous plants today. There were some amazing nepenthes there, but I already have enough of those. Although the Gothica looked so tempting. But the sarracenias caught my eye today - loads of different varieties, a few were flowering, the lids were big and fancy... It was impossible to resist. Bought five sarracenias and two dionaea.

One of the sarracenias was labeled as being a sarracenia flava, although I think judging by its appearance, it's actually a sarracenia flava var. rugelii. Which is cool. I also purchased a couple leucophylla hybrids, a leucophylla x formosa and a minor "Giant." The "Giant" was flowering, and also came with a lot of little droseras of different varieties in the pot too (bonus!). Although there aren't any other pitchers starting to poke up on that one, so who knows how it'll go in the long run.

See more at RedBubble.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Month of Shoes - Day Twenty-Seven

I thought I'd combine my favourite shoes with the nepenthes, although it doesn't result in the best photo... I bought these shoes years ago from Target. They're also the ones I broke my leg in.

I like the little detail on the fake buckle particularly :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Month of Shoes - Day Twenty-Four

Old 10-hole Docs I had for High School. The laces wore out years and years ago, so I replaced them with red ribbon, which hasn't worn out. Hmm.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Month of Shoes - Day Twenty-Two

These are from K-mart and are the most comfortable pair of heels I've worn in ages. I actually bought this grey/silver pair after buying a black pair because I liked them so much. They're great for work because you can wear them all day without your feet getting sore, and they look good with work clothes.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Month of Shoes - Day Twenty-One

Here's the final pair of Oliver + Co flats with my favourite Sportscraft cardigan (which I actually only use for lounging around the house, but it's so warm and comfortable). The colours on this pair of shoes (called Frank) are fantastic. I haven't had pink shoes in ages, and have been really tempted by the thought of getting some yellow shoes. These sort of combined those two ideas. Not entirely sure what I'll wear with these shoes, but they're great anyway.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Month of Shoes - Day Twenty

These are the Oliver + Co Matilda shoes I mentioned earlier. I love the colour on them - it's not really a bright red, but a pale one. The bows are so cute too. And it inspired me to read Matilda again.