Sunday, August 28, 2011

Coming soon - something that may only entertain me

If you've read my blog for a while, you'll know that earlier this year, I gave myself the challenge of A Month of Mobile Photos. I've decided to do another "Month of..." - this time it'll be shoes. Even though I've probably got nearly enough shoes to get me part of the way through the year (a slight exaggeration).

Here's a preview:

Admittedly, it'll be mostly cheap shoes. But when you're not rich, that's what you buy ;) Plus there's something fun about being able to pick up quick fashion fixes for your feet for a reasonable price. Not that that stops me thinking about buying some seriously expensive shoes, but my bank balance says no.


Saturday, August 20, 2011


Made truffles yesterday.

Top: Dark chocolate and ginger truffles.
Middle: Milk chocolate biscuit truffles.
Bottom: White chocolate, pistachio and rosewater truffles, with coconut flakes on top.

Kind of forgot how to make them and the chocolate biscuit ones would have just been plain milk chocolate truffles were it not for the fact that I added too much cream, ending up with a ganache. So I added blitzed chocolate dessert thins and the mixture was transformed into something workable.

I'm not as happy with them as in the past, but I haven't made them since 2009. So it's not too bad for such a big break, no recipe and not making them exactly as I would have (next time, I have to blitz the pistachios too). But it's rewarding, and they'll make good presents.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Happiness is... watches?

I've been a member of Reebonz for a while now, but have never ordered anything from them until early this week, when they had a sale start with Art and Design Watches. I'd had my eye on that sale for a while simply because the promo photo in the email alerts leading up to it looked really interesting. When the day finally came, it was really exciting to see the different kinds of watches. Not a big watch fan generally, would have thought I'd go for buying a handbag from Reebonz first or something like that. BUT... These watches are awesome.

I had to get one.

Or two.

So I did.

And since they arrived today (ahead of the scheduled time - nice work!), I haven't been able to stop playing with them. I got a Heartbeat watch and an EG5 watch. The Heartbeat watch is massive and kind of heavy and really not feminine, but it's so awesome. And it makes a lot of sense to read the time from it, which is good because I was a lil' worried it might be confusing. The EG5 is equally easy to read, and I like how different they are from normal watches in how time is read from them.

Plus they light up and are shiny, and I like shiny things.

Another really nice touch with the delivery was the packaging from Reebonz itself. I was really impressed. The boxes are lovely and really sturdy, and I loved the gold ribbons tied around everything. It was beautiful. Not sure when I'll buy things from them in future, but this buying experience was definitely pleasant.

Plus... AWESOME watches!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


"You put your jazz on, go into a trance, ten past six come out of the trance, go to the pub. That's your day."

Ahh, The Mighty Boosh.

Haven't watched it in ages, but today when shopping, I thought of it. Smiggle had a load of coloured textas in different colours available. Sooo I bought some. And it made me think of the ep of Mighty Boosh called "Electro."

Howard: Many times Walt’s come round and said ‘will you help me out on stuff’. He came round last week, Walt. Uncle Walt.
Vince: Did he? Strange that he should choose you out of all the people in the world.
Howard: Not strange.
Vince: Why not?
Howard: He knows I’ve got an eye for detail.
Vince: What does he want you to do?
Howard: Sort out his felt pens. Put them in a workable order, from hot reds down through the lilacs from the beige, and then beyond to the ultramarine.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Sunset through lace

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At sunset the other night, I decided to take photos through some of the clothes hanging on the clothesline. This was through a lace top. It turned out in an interesting kind of way (or I thought it did at least), and I like how golden it is.

Camellia at sunset

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Rose red

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Worn wood

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Coal loader

Last Sunday, we went to Catherine Hill Bay.

It's changed a lot since we were there last at Easter. The wild weather in recent weeks has eaten away a lot of the sand and the rocks are exposed again near the coal loader. I don't think I'd ever seen them so exposed, and it was really interesting to explore them, find little caves, see what was living in the rockpools, etc. There were also a lot of chains and posts and other things that had been revealed, too.

But it was still really pretty.

Pebbles and broken shells

Stripy shoes