Monday, November 14, 2011


Letters and numbers


Lichen and moss


From Mount Donna Buang

The burnt areas from the aftermath of Black Saturday can still be seen from the lookout on top of Mount Donna Buang. Sobering reminders.

Three Sugars


Green pants

Pants: ASOS
Shoes: Sportscraft

Since buying a bright green Monsoon cardigan last year in Winchester, I've had a thing for green clothes. Really, really bright green. The sort of green that would probably not go all that well in a biblical plague of locusts. But green nonetheless. Since then, I've bought another green cardigan and a bright green Winter coat (which arrived just in time for ultra-hot weather here).

I saw these pants the other week on and thought, "If they're as green as they look on screen, I have to have them."

And they are!

They're so awesome. They arrived last Thursday, and then I ended up ordering a couple more pairs (in some other colours) because I was so happy with the fit, the length, everything. They look a little bit Mad Men casual wear or something in a way, and if the warmer weather continues, I'm definitely going to be teaming them with a lace swing blouse I got from Target years ago for $5 (it was missing a button - score!).