Monday, September 20, 2010

On job hunting

The close of September is upon us and I am still job hunting. I'm trying to not worry about it too much, seeing as I've only really been seriously looking since I got back from England in the middle of June. Prior to that, I thought it was entirely justified to indulge in some relaxation, holidays and looking at beautiful things (like the beach - anyone who's visited the blog will notice my adoration of that). Especially after the hell on wheels that was last year.*

But people do keep asking, "Have you found a job yet?" and all sorts of questions like that.

In short, no.

In less short, stop asking unless you're going to add, "Because if you're still looking, I've got a job that would be brilliant and I'd love you to start right now."

I know people mean well when they ask and they're just expressing concern about me as a person (and interest in my life). But when things have changed, I'll definitely let people know. Possibly by running down the street screaming, "YAAAAAAY! I HAVE A JOB!" while flailing my arms in the air.

There are lots of jobs out there in the world. Lots of jobs that I'm not qualified for, mostly. If I'd have known that jobs in media would be so difficult to find years ago, I probably would have been a bit more practical and just had marketing as a minor instead of marketing and English. Or done something else entirely. Become a vet. Scaled Everest. Started my own television show based around adventures in the wilderness that would often end in bobsledding down a hill on a dead moose. Something that would mean less job searches where the results in my area of expertise being all "Senior management/senior journalist/senior communicator with at least 15 years of experience, knowledge of at least five languages essential, management skills a must, ability to negotiate hostage situations looked upon favourably."

So I keep on looking. There are generally enough things for me to apply to equal about five jobs per week. Some weeks there are more than others - the weeks when they're not only looking for multi-lingual senior managers who can build a website, Photoshop images and write the content for an entire magazine while negotiating a hostage situation in Uzbekistan.

Hopefully something will turn up.

In the mean time, there's been many positives. Spending more time with family (hopefully they can still stand me). Spending more time with friends I hadn't seen in ages. Getting to do something about getting my driver's licence FIIIINALLY (although I suspect people have realised I'm only doing it so I can drive to the beach). Oh, and going to the beach of course (if I learn how to surf and have at least five children with bogan names to five different bogan men, then that could really work towards fitting the Centrelink stereotype!).

Plus I've finally gotten around to joining RedBubble and posting some stuff on there. If you've ever looked at some of my photos and thought, "I'd love me one of them on a greeting card or perhaps as a mounted print!" you can now get them through the link below.

*Would write about it, but it'd probably be snarky and really, it's nice to have gotten away from that entire situation :)


Brandon said...

On the hunt as well - I'll also be celebrating when I get that part of life resolved...

Della said...

Same! Hopefully it won't take too long before something comes along for us both with work :)

Anonymous said...

Well, something good DID come out of last year - the SILVER ARPA award!! You just have to keep hanging in there. Plus the family is hanging in there as well :)

Della said...

True, Anon. The award was a very nice surprise :)