Sunday, March 06, 2011

Peacock feathers

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I walked past a cheap shop the other day and saw they had peacock feathers. I have a serious weakness for peacock feathers. It's the way they shine, I guess. But I didn't buy any feathers then. However, today when I went past, there were still some there, so I figured why not. They could go with my other peacock feathers that the removalists packed in layers and layers of paper (no, not even kidding there).

Some people are really superstitious about peacock feathers. When I bought the last lot, people I was with were all freaked out about them and said they bring bad luck. I'm sure any bad luck is purely coincidental, and not due to any kind of feathers. The only way I could think of them being bad luck is if they're in a particularly heavy vase that somehow falls off a shelf just as you walk past and it smacks you on the head.

Actually, while on the peacock tangent, there was a stuffed peacock in an antique shop in Tanunda once. That was so awesome. But possibly less awesome to keep clean.

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