Sunday, July 24, 2011

The growing carnivorous plant family

Went to the nursery that sells some carnivorous plants today. Because visiting there a couple weeks ago just wasn't enough, obviously. Ended up buying more nepenthes and some other things, including one of the red venus fly traps I'd admired last time I went there. The two nepenthes I bought are nepenthes ventricosa x carunculata var Robusta, and nepenthes "lantern." The "lantern" thing I think is the name for nepenthes Rebecca Soper, but I'm not totally sure. Whatever it is, the colour is great.

Also bought a drosera adelae, which I think I'll have to re-think the potting options of, if the leaves do grow up to a foot long. It's not as attractive as other droseras, but it is interesting. There were also a couple of sarracenias that I picked up.

It's fun to have a place that stocks these kinds of plants in the local(ish) area. The lady at the counter was saying that local public schools buy a lot of the stock because kids find it a fun and interesting educational tool. Which is pretty awesome, when you think about it.

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Anonymous said...

I like these strange plants - interesting to watch them grow and take over the shade houses!!