Monday, November 14, 2011

Green pants

Pants: ASOS
Shoes: Sportscraft

Since buying a bright green Monsoon cardigan last year in Winchester, I've had a thing for green clothes. Really, really bright green. The sort of green that would probably not go all that well in a biblical plague of locusts. But green nonetheless. Since then, I've bought another green cardigan and a bright green Winter coat (which arrived just in time for ultra-hot weather here).

I saw these pants the other week on and thought, "If they're as green as they look on screen, I have to have them."

And they are!

They're so awesome. They arrived last Thursday, and then I ended up ordering a couple more pairs (in some other colours) because I was so happy with the fit, the length, everything. They look a little bit Mad Men casual wear or something in a way, and if the warmer weather continues, I'm definitely going to be teaming them with a lace swing blouse I got from Target years ago for $5 (it was missing a button - score!).

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