Monday, November 30, 2009

Misc. overheards

Nerdy teen guy to his equally nerdy friends on the peasant wagon: Out of all the guys we know, who would you do? *awkward pause, friends stare* If you were a girl! Or actually, who would you turn gay for??

Primary school teen girl: Yeah, I let him know that I didn't dump him because of Twilight. I mean, he always knew I didn't like it, but it was cool if he did.

Random teen: He's pretty cool for a 'ranga.

Small child, after another small child who had talked incessantly and very loudly for the entire trip from Southern Cross to the station where he fiiinally got out exited the train: I'm glad he's gotten off the train. He was a little shit.


Kezza said...

the last one made me laugh. i can just imagine this innocent little kid saying that.

Della said...

*lol* Not so sure about innocent, using a word like that ;) But still, it was very funny! Sort of thought, kids can get away with saying things the adults are all thinking!