Friday, February 18, 2011

Day Thirty-One: The End

It's the end of A Month of Mobile Photos.

The idea for this self-challenge came from reading Photo Radar's 32 Photo Projects for 2011.

Has it made me a better photographer? Who knows. I am perhaps better at taking photos with my mobile phone at least. I haven't actually used my normal cameras all that much (compared to usual). It's been interesting to view things slightly differently, and I think it makes for more spontaneous photos. I like it. And I do need to empty out the phone's memory of all of the photos I've taken - hardly any of them actually made it to the blog.

Have I had a lot of fun? Yes. It's been good.

And it's inspired me to set more challenges for myself. I think I might wait until the beginning of next month to start my next challenge. I'm not entirely sure what it'll be though. Maybe shoes? Maybe bags? Maybe night photos?

At the very least, it has inspired me to experiment more. And that's led to me getting out the DSLR and actually mucking around with it, exposures, metering, etc at night for the past two nights. That has been a crazy amount of fun.

Oh, before I forget - the phone I've been using for A Month of Mobile Photos is a Nokia 6700 Classic. They're not wrong about it having the potential to take beautiful photos.

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