Saturday, August 20, 2011


Made truffles yesterday.

Top: Dark chocolate and ginger truffles.
Middle: Milk chocolate biscuit truffles.
Bottom: White chocolate, pistachio and rosewater truffles, with coconut flakes on top.

Kind of forgot how to make them and the chocolate biscuit ones would have just been plain milk chocolate truffles were it not for the fact that I added too much cream, ending up with a ganache. So I added blitzed chocolate dessert thins and the mixture was transformed into something workable.

I'm not as happy with them as in the past, but I haven't made them since 2009. So it's not too bad for such a big break, no recipe and not making them exactly as I would have (next time, I have to blitz the pistachios too). But it's rewarding, and they'll make good presents.


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with these little treasures!!

Della said...

They're tasty enough :) I think I might experiment some more with flavours and fillings, though.