Monday, October 17, 2011

Can't Touch This

I like a shoe that involves MC Hammer quotes.

Well... Not sure about that. I've never met a shoe that's too legit to quit yet. But I did have an MC Hammer Barbie doll when I was a kid, which came with a tape with a couple of his songs on it and a special message about staying off the drugs. Or something like that. Not totally sure, don't remember, only remember that purple outfit he was accessorised with. Fancy pants.


These are my favourite Irregular Choice shoes of the three pairs I ordered. They are just so beautiful. If I ever get married, I want to wear these for the wedding. I love them that much. The gold pattern, the pretty flowers... The little violets really make the shoe. I don't know why, but they wouldn't be as spectacular without that small splash of purple. Love it. Love them.

You can also kind of see the heel in the upper right side of the pic. So pretty.

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