Monday, October 17, 2011

Zebra-print Flick Flacks ^_^

Irregular Choice had a free shipping offer on last week.

Sooo... I indulged. For the price of free, you may as well get a few pairs, right?

I really like these shoes. Actually, I like all of their shoes. Although their sizes seem to run a little small, so I took advice from teh interwebz (for reals!) and ordered a size or two up. Well, you can always stuff the toe of the shoe with tissue paper or wear insoles. You can't make a shoe that's too small magically fit you. Turns out ordering a couple sizes bigger than usual worked out really well. There's a bit of room to move in the toe area, so I might find some tissue paper for that. But other than that, they are amazing.

And have shiny bits ^_^

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