Sunday, June 26, 2011

More Morticia

This morning, I bought a larger pot and some sphagnum moss to repot the larger of the two nepenthes I own (not the one pictured above). That's all done now, and hopefully it'll settle in and not be too traumatised by the experience. I think the larger plant might be a nepenthes ventrata, even though the label from the nursery said it was an alata. It now has a name - Gomez II. The first Gomez was a sarracenia hybrid, and he didn't like winter last year.

Still haven't worked out what nepenthes Morticia might be, though. When I bought her, she was just a small plant with no pitchers in a tube stock kind of pot. Ignoring all advice about nepenthes, I planted her in orchid potting mix. She grew huge, green, glossy leaves but didn't really produce any pitchers (apart from some tiny ones that died). Since putting her into sphagnum moss and moving her into the greenhouse, her leaves have turned sort of reddish/speckled like the pitchers. Seeing as she continues to grow and pitchers are forming on each new leaf, I'd say she's happy enough.

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