Sunday, June 26, 2011

My favourite shoes

Since starting a new job this year, I've been looking out for more work-ified clothes that are comfortable, look good and aren't too crazy-expensive. Yes, I hang my head in shame to admit that I'd been mostly happy with workwear from ye olde chain stores in basically every shopping centre, with the occasional Jacqui E piece thrown into the mix. But I guess I got to a stage where I realised that things should be more Jacqui E, less Target all the time for work.

While looking around in David Jones one day, I found Sportscraft items. Even though the brand has been around since 1914 (first called Sportsleigh apparently), I had no idea they existed. Blissful ignorance for my bank balance. Anyway, I didn't like all of their stuff - most of it is probably more for people in their 30s/40s - but there have been a load of pieces that have stood out.

And then there are these shoes... Mmm. Leopard-print. Furry. Leather on the inside. Soft. So comfortable that I walked around a whole lot of Sydney in them the other weekend and didn't have sore feet at all, even though they're actually ballet flats. When I got home, I ordered another pair. See, that's the problem with sales. They're tempting! They enable things like that! Two pairs of leopard-print shoes!

I love them ^_^

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