Friday, June 24, 2011

Morticia the pitcher plant

I have a thing for nepenthes/sarracenias/pitcher plants and droseras. Or carnivorous plants in general, actually. For some reason, I keep managing to kill my forked droseras, which is unfortunate because they're so pretty. I've not had much luck with venus fly traps either. But the other droseras I have are doing well at the moment. The pitcher plants are also doing really well, even though it's winter. They're putting on lots of new growth and seem pretty happy in their greenhouse. A few months ago, I bought a larger pitcher plant and it's had some other, different pitchers grow up inside of the pot it came in. These have what can be best described as hairy lids. No idea what they are, but they're cute.

I'm not entirely sure how to coax the rest of the pitcher plants to grow more jumbo pitchers, but the size they're currently producing is pretty decent. And the ants go nuts for them, so that keeps them fed. There are also these worm/maggot sort of things in the compost bin that seem to make the plants happy about when they're fed them. A bit gross to catch, but still... It's worth it!

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