Thursday, October 02, 2008

I found this in my internet poking around this morning and was fascinated by it. Can't really imagine wearing only one colour all the time - even though I almost always wear something black.

The interesting part was the reasons why people wore their single signature colour.

But purely on the colour, I liked the blue. Perhaps because it reminds me of a pair of stilettos my Mum had when I was young - electric blue with a matching handbag. I think I've got the handbag somewhere. Hated the green, though. What a vile shade.


kris said...

wow! i had no idea people were that anal about the colours they wore. I'm luck if i remember to wear stuff that matches.

Anonymous said...

I love it. But then again I have always liked blue. However I think if I was always surrounded by it I would get sick of it.

Della said...

Kris - It sort of seems more OCD with the girl who only wears gray. The others are a bit more eccentric, perhaps. Or less odd-sounding at least!

Lee - Blue's a nice enough colour. But too much of it, every single day, would be like being in high school again.