Monday, October 20, 2008

Qu'ils mangent de les petit gâteaux

If you'll pardon my French...

Mmm... Cupcakes at work make everyone happy.

I made them to inspire cheery cupcakey glee into my department at work. And I think it worked. Especially with the fairy sprinkle decorations. Okay, they look better without them, but it's a bright touch of sugary sprinkled goodness, so it can't hurt. Too much. Got to love the lashings of frosting, too.

*happy sigh*


Perseus said...

I mean, I'm sure they are nice and all, but I just don't get the whole chocolate thing. If there was no more chocolate left in the world I wouldn't care.

I once let a pack of Tim Tams go off in the fridge. I ate two in the first week, and then they just kinda sat there.

Della said...

See, I'd agree with Tim Tams. I don't see them as some sort of fantasy endless-Tim-Tam-only-wish-ever-needing-
fulfillment thing.

But chocolate in general?

It's so nice.*

*Depending on the brand, the cocoa content, what's mixed in with it, whether there are fillings/centres or not, etc, etc.

Kaisa said...

Chocolate is always pleasureable, wither soft or hard and the inside squirty stuff always tastes soo... good, often very creamy....

yumm yumm yummm

Yummy looking cakes I am sure they taste as good as they look

Della said...

They were yummy - the cake turned out wonderfully fluffy and light. Plus the cheats' frosting was perfect. Officemate had an extra spoonful of it after *lol*

It amused me to watch the officemates slowly licking the frosting and looking blissful before peeling back the paper and devouring the cupcake. Sort of like some variety of devotional/holy cupcake experience or something.

Food can be a strange thing. Which reminds me, The Overeater was on SBS last night and I forgot to tape it. Argh.