Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cake in faith

^ Tiny cafes. One of the best things about Melbourne.


It made up for getting up at 6.30am on my weekend and more than an hour of CCM in the car. Nearly put a pillow over my head, but it was too hot. Where has this ridiculous summer-style weather come from? I hate it.

But it was one of the least bizarre things about the day. I met someone I'd previously met once when I was about eight or nine or so today. She recognised me and we started nattering away. Apparently doesn't live far away. About this time, I start thinking, It's a small world after all.

Even more so when I met someone else who's a friend of a friend who is a friend of a friend. One of those, "Oh my gosh! No way!" moments.

Not bad for a city with a population around 3.8 million people.

Also, picnics in the park are great. Especially when there's uber-chocolate cake involved and people are astounded by its size, frosting, etc. It's surprising how excited people can be about cake.

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