Tuesday, October 28, 2008

^ More blood orange.

Can't be bothered writing anything at the moment, really. Not overly inspired - all my writing is saved for work. May get some time over the long weekend to put some thoughts to blog entries, because it's been too long since I wrote anything really serious/sensible.*

Mmm... Long weekend.

* *wonders if blog is really worth serious/sensible-ing about* *gets distracted looking at photos and considers doing a whole lot of paintings on the weekend instead*


Perseus said...

Aside from long macchiatos and a pack of Stuyvesants, there is no better way to start the day than with blood orange juice. Where I live, there is none, and I miss it.

I used to live in Greece, and blood oranges there are everywhere, just like normal oranges, and I became quite addicted.

Here then is my Top 5 fruits:

1. Slightly under-ripe sour blackberries.

2. Passionfruit

3. Blood oranges

4. Strawberries

5. Mango.

It's not a particularly controversial list, unlike my Top 5 vegetables which starts with Spring Onion. Boy, do I cop flak for that.

Della said...

I think some Safeways/Coles have blood orange juice, but at extortionate prices for a small amount. The only solution is to plant a tree I guess.

They are pretty addictive, though.

Have to agree almost totally with your top five fruits - would just replace strawberries with raspberries. Used to have loads of blackberry bushes where I lived when younger and it was great to graze the bushes.

Spring onion's a bit more of an unusual choice...