Saturday, November 29, 2008


Hmmm... The Remaking Fashion exhibition at the NGV is strangely disappointing. But the Galliano gown was mostly worth it. Next time I go, I have to see the Gursky exhibition. As for Order and disorder: Archives and photography, it was laughably miniscule, but had its own highlights.

The rest of the gallery with its permanent displays was much more enjoyable. I particularly liked the ladder to heaven piece (it was vertiginously fun) in the modern art section. Oh, and the furniture. I may just have squeaked, "Eames!!!" when I saw the lounge chair and footstool. Drooled over excellent paintings and ceramic/porcelain items, coveted a mosaic, said "meh" about a fair few of the modern pieces (as well as a number of the older ones...) and had the overwhelming desire to crawl into a modern piece that was basically a big aluminium cube with blue plastic inside.

Also, seeing the portrait that's thought to be one of Lucrezia Borgia was great.

And in writing this, I've had a sudden memory from my early childhood. When I was much younger, we used to visit my Uncle who lived here in Melbourne and one thing that stood out in very early memories was the wall of water the gallery has at the entrance/exit. I'd kind of forgotten the memory of liking that and seeing it as being "Melbourne" as a child until now.

The NGV: extending my love of Melbourne.

And my Aunt's partner died today.

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