Friday, November 28, 2008

^ Took this today while out and about and I liked the way the reflections in this look kind of ghostly.

Other things that took my fancy today included the following overheard conversations:

Small child on peasant wagon, excitedly: Yay! We're going to Centrelink!

Bogan Corey Worthington type: I've got like 10 months of community service left, 'cos I had the option of that or jail. Although I woulda seen some mates who are in for like life. But I wouldn't want my butt raped.
Equally bogantastic stoned friend: Yeah...

Lackey one in Starbucks line: We got an email today that, as of next week, we have to wear our Christmas t-shirts. The only thing I want to do is take a sh!t on a pile of Christmas t-shirts.
Lackey two: *laughs* Should film that, put it on YouTube.
Lackey one: Mate, don't tempt me.

The rest of the day was equally interesting. Melbourne seems to like raining on me whenever I go on random adventures. But it was so nice to smell the fresh rain on warm earth when I got out of the car in the afternoon. Open road, grey skies, reflective silence. Perfect.

Plus it also involved nattering away about cricket with a random shop guy for ages, which was oddly enjoyable. And reminded me I'd forgotten to check up on scores all afternoon. Oops.

I *heart* Melbourne.

Et le film Embrassez qui vous voudrez se jouera ce soir. Très bien :) (Excusez-moi pendant que je massacre la langue française.)

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