Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend things

^ Some of the things from the weekend.

This weekend past was insanely busy and put an end to my plans to update my blog with something sensible any time soon. Was out and about on Friday being all adult about house stuff, investments, superanuation, etc and felt rather surprised by it all. Not that anything's going to change, but it was interesting to see what options are out there.

Had a surprisingly not-awful coffee at a greasy spoon on Friday and possibly the worst coffee ever from Gloria Jeans on Sunday. I don't know why I even bothered, but it was obviously a moment of insanity. It taste burnt and I wished they'd bring back Starbucks if there's going to be chain coffee stores. At least their stuff didn't taste like death removed from the soles of shoes.

Also found stick-on nails with the skulls on them.

Tacky, ridiculous and skull-y. I had to buy them, obviously. They amuse me and I'll probably never end up using them. Unless I start on random acts of piracy.


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So do I! :D

Not sure if people at work would though ;)