Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The best things about today

> The officemate flinging what was left in a cup of water out the window and almost splashing someone below. Nearly cried with laughter as he was lying on the floor saying, "I'm guilty! I'm guilty!" Now he's saying he won't be able to show his face around work any more.

> Copy editor: *singing softly*
Officemate: "Did she say, 'If I die before I wake, at least in heaven I'll be straight'?"
Me: "No, it's 'If I die before I wake, at least in heaven I can skate."
Officemate: "I like my lyrics more."

> Officemate's hairy mango comments. And his moaning while eating it.

> RBA cutting interest rates. Well, it'll be a good thing if the bank passes that on. I'll be happy if they do.


SugarPuff said...

after spending a week in your office I can see it all...

Della said...

You're welcome to come back any time! :D