Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas?

In other news, you would not believe the number of people I've had coming to my blog googling "Bondage Santa" or "Santa Bondage" in the past month and it's somewhat disturbing.

Obviously there's a segment of the community where Santa isn't safe to go down their chimneys for fear of being hog-tied, flogged and molested.

The world is a freaky, perverted place.


Anonymous said...

As far as freaky and perverted goes you have to remember that you were the one who wrote about in the first place.


Perseus said...

The world is a freaky, perverted place.

And thank god* for that.

Happy new year, hopalong!

*(Rest assured, I haven't converted over the Christmas period. I mean 'god' in its colloquial sense.)

Della said...

Lee - I'm not the one who made the sculpture, though.

Perseus - Indeed. I was tempted to add that, but then it might give people the wrong idea of what I might do if Santa existed and/or could manage to fit down the chimney here. Happy new year to you too, Pirate Perseus :)