Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Where have I been?


Broke my leg the other Sunday falling down the Driveway of Death. Which was intelligent. But at least my neighbour was on hand to drive me to the hospital with my dangly foot, gritting my teeth the whole way. And discovered my neighbour's lovely dog had passed away a couple months ago.

That was the point at which I nearly cried.

Buddy was adorable!

Anyway, we got to the hospital and waited around in Emergency until I got carted away and put on a hospital bed. And then more waiting, thankfully with ice packs that helped to reduce the swelling just a little. I did feel a little sorry for myself until a little kid who'd fallen off a roof and was vomiting blood came in. So that was a bit of perspective.

The nurses and doctor were all lovely and lots of fun. All kinds of joking around trying to come up with reasons for the break that would sound more impressive than the truth.

Then X-rays, and finally merciful drugs. They had to sedate me so they could put the ankle back in place for plastering. Morphine is a magical thing. Woke up after it was done and the plastering had all happened. Then transfering to another hospital and more amusement and joking with the paramedics.

After all that, hospital for a few days.

Home last Wednesday. Hobbling since.

And got a cam walker put on today. Not that it's helping so far, but hopefully by next week I'll be able to put more pressure on it. Maybe more photos of impressive bruising to come.


Merry Christmas!

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