Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Random musings

Tony Abbott becoming the Liberal leader. Possibly the best way to secure Kevin '11 for the Labor party, following on from the success of Kevin '07?

In other thoughts, with John Brumby saying Metro's start is "average," is anyone surprised by them not being the brilliant saviour of the train network in Melbourne? If they're working with the same lines and equipment, are there really going to be huge changes in the way the trains work?

Or maybe there will be. We'll just have to wait and see.

But I didn't mind Connex too much. Maybe that's just because my previous train experience involved CityRail (aka: Sh!ttyFail) in Sydney, which is priced outrageously and the majority of times I caught trains to go anywhere up there, you had to take buses instead because of track work being done. Which made me wonder whether they were pulling up the tracks and re-laying them every single week just so people had something to do.

Update: Oh Lord, I thought the thing about removing seats from trains had gone away. And now it's back. Gaaaah. How is that going to improve things?


Anonymous said...

I think the Kevin11 is clever - but I'm not sure I want to see that happen!!!??
Also, the new name for City Rail seems rather appropriate - ha ha.
Great pics on your blog - like the dust storm pic.

Della said...

City Rail is entirely deserving of such a name ;)

And thanks! I liked the way they turned out.