Monday, December 21, 2009

The silence

If you've been wondering why things have been a little quiet around here lately, this is just one of the reasons why. I've been busy getting my house on the market for sale. And thankfully, within five weeks of it going on, it's been sold. The main reason for that is because my job was made redundant. Which has sucked a fair amount, but such is life.

Plus redundancy means they pay you to go away, so that's not too much of a terrible thing ;) More like a slush fund for travel!

The main problem is that I have absolutely no idea what on earth I'm going to be doing in the new year. Or where, for that matter. Really should get on to working that out. Family wants me to come to New South Wales, friends want me to stay in Victoria, I have no idea what I even want to do do. It's all a challenge.

And people keep asking what my plans are. As if I know!

Might just have to resort to making something up and telling them that I'm moving on to become the chief wig wrangler for Her Majesty or something.


becky said...

i'm amazed by your quick sale, though I'm saddened about the redundancy.

if you want an excuse to travel a bit and check out the world, i've finally got a couch....

Della said...

Same re: sale. It's a relief. But it's also not, because I have no idea where I'm going to live *lol*

The redundancy thing is a bit sad. I'd say more about it, but probably shouldn't! ;)

Yay! I should come visit :D It'd be great to catch up :D

Perseus said...

Come to the Surf Coast. Not many can spell down here.

Anonymous said...

Redundancy does suck - especially when it comes under church employment. You are not the only one to be disappointed and hurt by 'the money saving' exercise.
Anonymous II

Della said...

Perseus - Hmm... And there are beaches. It's a tempting idea.

Anon II - Yeah, I think a lot of people have been hurt by what's been going on. It's a shame when things end up being so focused on money.

Kel said...

to sell in 5 weeks is awesome!!!

your path has been cleared to go in whichever direction you wish . . .


Della said...

It's not bad - would have been three, except she had to get finance from somewhere else!

I'm hoping that things work out in the end. It's nice to escape. That's been the main focus lately. Now to work out what to do in the new year!

So many opportunities it's a little daunting!