Saturday, March 27, 2010

Farewell beach (for now)

Went to the beach this evening. It was so much cooler than inland and the water was somewhat bracing. But it made a nice change. However, it was really gloomy. It's been a humid sort of day and a misty sort of haze had really set in before sunset. It made the beach visit quite different somehow. Less frolic-y, more sedate wandering.

Took lots of photos, but the lighting just wasn't as amazing as the previous visit (see further down the page). But it was still the beach. And I'm not going to complain about that at all. It just made for a different set of photos. Another positive was that there weren't piles of jellyfish like last time, so it was fine to just wander around in the water and not have to watch for stingy things.

I really like watching the constant ebb and flow of the ocean. When you're looking down at the sea's foam dancing around your feet, it feels so small and intimate. But when you look up and see the water disappearing into the distance and enormous cargo ships on the horizon looking like tiny toys, you feel the immense power and pull of the water. You're just one tiny, relatively insignificant element of everything that's combined to be there at that moment in time.

It's really very relaxing.

Then watching the moon peek out from the clouds to cast a silver eye over the waters as they blend with the sky to a pale twilight blue, you head home. Saltwater drying on your legs, sand still between your toes, feeling sleepily content in the car. Beachy perfect.

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