Sunday, March 14, 2010

A random assortment

In the past month-and-a-bit, I've:

> Gotten past the first anniversary of Black Saturday. I was going to blog about it, but just couldn't find the words.

> Sold my precious little house in the Yarra Valley, which was the first home I bought and I loved it dearly. That also meant I had to leave Devil Kitty behind, mostly because he didn't actually belong to me and it'd be mean to catnap him. I miss the life I had there (and all of the gorgeous things to photograph) and actually miss being a Victorian. Am I the first former South Australian to ever say that??

> Moved to NSW.

> Theeeeeeen... One working day before settlement and when I was in NSW already, the people had complaints about the place they wanted sorted out. These complaints included there being rubbish. In the rubbish bins. I know! It's a total scandal! Rubbish in a bin! Absolutely the end of the world! Thankfully managed to get a garden guy to go in and fix some bits up on the morning of settlement. He did an excellent job and everything sorted itself out. But really, rubbish. Bins. HA!

> Had to wrangle with insurance due to the removal company damaging almost every item of furniture. And it's still going on, so hopefully an end will come to that whole saga soon (in a satisfactory way!). I might post the letter I'm going to send the removal company on here once things are sorted out.

> Been to the beach more times in the past month than I had in the past seven years or so. It's been a good tonic after all of the stuff relating to my ex-work (and I figure ex-work is a good name for a former workplace - it's like an ex-husband or ex-boyfriend or whatever).

> Had a barrage of medical tests, all of which turned out okay. Apart from having slightly low B12 levels, which means the doctor has prescribed an increase in dairy product consumption. What's not to love about that! :D

> Caught up with friends I haven't seen for a while. It's been nice.

> Still not totally fixed the problem with the new camera of awesomeness. Must work on that soon, though, because my little point-and-shoot Canon IXUS60 is genuinely dying.

> Seen a train derailment. Thankfully only a coal train, rather than a passenger one! Was still a bit of a surprise, though.


Anonymous said...

The last YEAR has been a random assortment for you but we have to believe that things will get better.
Your photos are great.

becky said...

ditto on the pics.

ok, i'm going to show my yankee flavor...what do you mean when you say "settlement"? i automatically think lawyer, perhaps realtor....maybe a place your getting into...maybe what some chiseled man had to pay in recompense because he stared too long into your eyes. i don't know, the options are endless. help a chic out. :)

Della said...

Anon - Thanks.

Becky - Settlement is about just the final signing off of the house sale stuff. So it means it's officially sold ;) Oh, I hear you're coming over, btw - YAY! :D

Kel said...

rubbish in the wheelie bin!?!
sounds like some rather pathetics bought your place

ex-work is a good name

there's a lot of things that re-perspective with time spent on a beach :)

Della said...

Mmm, they also got the real estate agents to call me because they couldn't figure out how to unlock the front door once settlement went through. Insert key - attempt to unlock - if it fails to unlock, try another key or try that key another way around.

I like the term ex-work really :)

And yes, sometimes you just have to get away from it all and let things fall into perspective for themselves.