Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh, it's so very good


Kel said...

oh i wondered about this stuff
always wanted to try some but it costs a bomb!

Della said...

It is pretty pricey! But because I've always wanted to try it, I kind of gave in and bought a pack. It's really very nice, though. Very silky and just disappears when you put it in your mouth. And the flavour is much nicer than normal fairyfloss.

Kymmie said...

Hi, just popping in to say 'hi'. And I saw your persian fairy floss and must tell you, I agree.

It's got to be the Rolls Royce of fairy floss, and I'll never ever buy that cheap blue stuff at the Show ever again.

How's the job hunting? I did laugh when I read your description of Centrelink. I've spent my fair share of time there and think, "I sure hope that I don't look like the rest of everyone else in here."

Thinking of you in your mission of work...

Della said...

Hey Kym :) Persian fairy floss is definitely amazing. Introduced another friend to it recently and she says the same stuff about cheap crazy-coloured stuff *lol*

Job hunting's temporarily on hold - going to NZ for a couple weeks in April. So that might get in the way of starting a job if I found one - not sure whether most workplaces would be fine about a new employee disappearing for a nice holiday in early stages of employment. Still... Never know!

Centrelink is disturbing. I doubt you'd ever look like the other people in there, though! Unless you've just arrived at Centrelink after being dragged backwards through hedges in tracksuit pants and a singlet. But knowing you (well, kinda!), I doubt that would ever be the case! :)