Friday, March 26, 2010

I do love sales

Oroton has a sale on at the moment, so I indulged.

When I was in uni, I used to attack the op shops before vintage got ultra-popular and all of the good stuff was cleaned out/prices went up/etc. The ones near uni had a lot of vintage items - actually, you could usually tell when an elderly member of the community had passed away because there was an influx of really nice things. Some of my favourite things included Glo-Mesh handbags and old jewellery. I also discovered Oroton handbags there and liked them on the principle that they were vintage and looked kind of awesome (especially the bubbly sort of mesh bags).

Then things got expensive (by op shop standards), the stores were picked over and I kinda gave up on the op shopping thing. The most I had to do with op shops was taking things down there when trying to cull my clothes and accessories (especially before moving).

Fast forward to a few years later and living in Victoria, my DFO shopping partner in crime against bank accounts and I discover Brand Smart in Nunawading. They have an Oroton outlet. And excellent sales/discounts on really nice things. So since "meeting" Oroton again, I've actually only bought three handbags. All Oroton. Oddly enough, it actually saves money because I'd buy a number of handbags otherwise and cheap things add up when you get enough of them. That's how I rationalise it at least :-p


Okay, that's starting to sound like an ad for Oroton. But I don't mean it like that. I just really like their products, the quality and getting things on sale ;) Plus it's nice to have some little luxuries now and then in life. Just need to stop buying them for a while now, though. The lack of a job being just a touch of an issue.

Will think about all of that once I'm back from New Zealand.


Kel said...

mr x is in NZ at the moment
apparently Wellington's coffee culture is smokin'

he was introduced to a new concept - forget the double shot, wanna try the quad!


they must be hanging from the rafters in wellington . . .

have a great time in Narnia Zone

Della said...

Sounds good ;)

There's some cafes in Melb who'll do triple or quadruple shots for you if you ask, but it's not on the menu. Perhaps just in case it gives people temporary anxiety disorders *lol*

Will do my best. Got about a week left before we go, so should work out what I'm going to take...