Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day One: The Boat

I've decided to try to blog more, at least with some photos, so have set myself the challenge of posting a photo every day that I've taken with my phone. Why am I not doing a month of photos with any of my proper cameras? Well, earlier this week, I read over Photo Radar's 32 Photo Projects for 2011 and one of the project ideas was "Use your mobile phone camera."

I thought it'd be interesting to try something different. The photos I take with my phone's camera tend to be quite different to the ones I take with any of my normal cameras, and the process doesn't ever seem to be as fast. With a camera, it's take it out, turn it on, point, shoot. With the phone, it's take it out, unlock it, press the camera button until it turns on, line up the shot with the focus thing, take the photo, hope it works out and isn't blurry. Sometimes the colours can be quite noticeably not the same as they are in real life, but I think that's more to do with the automatic white balance.

My phone's a Nokia, and I think it produces some better photos than the LG I used to have, which was more or less marketed as being a camera-quality phone. It was alright, but the quality of the Nokia seems a bit higher.

Maybe I'll play around with some effects on this phone over the month, although there aren't many. There's some choices with the white balance, too, which might be fun to play with just to see how different balances impact different amounts and types of light. Whatever happens, hopefully it should at least provide some blog content.


Lee Clarke said...

Sounds like a good idea. Might have to steal it.

Della said...

Go for it :) It's actually kind of fun in a way. And really different to photos with a normal camera.