Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day Two: The Blur

Mobile phone photos just are not happening for me today. I think I've been trying too hard with them, rather than just seizing the moment. But I really like this image - I was waving the phone around (partly in frustration at being so uninspired) while I took this photo this morning. And the result is one I actually like. A lot. The colours, the blur, the little light streaks. It works (for me at least).

And the funny thing is, I've actually taken a whole load of serious photos with my proper cameras today. I might post them later. While out walking last night, I saw some water lilies. They were all closed up for the night, but I put a reminder into my phone to go take photos of them this morning while the sun's out. So I did. And I'm really happy with the way those photos turned out too.

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