Monday, January 03, 2011

Fading away

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Catherine Hill Bay is my favourite beach – it’s so gorgeous and I find the coal loader kind of fascinating. However, there’s talk about having to demolish the jetty because of the state of disrepair it’s in. It would take a few million to repair it, then another few million to maintain it over the next 10 years.

It would be a shame to lose it, not least because it adds an interesting focal point to the beach. It also is a great physical reminder of the town’s mining history and provides a habitat for marine fauna and flora.

Today, the tide was low and it meant I could explore the coal loader a little more. The waves were also small, barely lapping at the base of each pole. It made a change from every other time I've been there when the tide has been all the way up to the cliffs or rushing on the way in with large waves. It was full of surprises, especially the area of rock pools in what appears to be coal or something like it. There were all kinds of starfish and other little creatures, as well as some unusual barnacles.

Plus there were so many opportunities for interesting photos. This is one of my favourite from today. I like the paleness of the water and sky in black and white, the way they sort of melt into each other and the starkness of the coal loader.

It would be a shame to see it all dismantled. It adds so many fascinating photographic opportunities to the beach.

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