Thursday, June 19, 2008

Okay, so it's not new at all, but I found a photoshop-style website today that's tonnes of fun to play around with. It's called Picnik and will probably keep me amused for a few days before I forget about it completely.

This is something I was mucking around with earlier:

Which is the same image as the one below, just with a lomo effect applied. Not sure what to think of it, other than it was fun! Well, fun for a Thursday afternoon that's rainy and uninspiring. But it makes me realise that I have oh-so-much to learn.


clarebear said...

i like it

Brandon said...

Looks like roadkill now :)

Della said...

Clare - Thanks, so do I!

Brandon - The autumn leaves? Yeah, they kind of do! Or did you mean the whole thing... *lol*