Sunday, June 22, 2008

We did the bowling thing last night.

On the whole it was an entertaining evening. We had dinner at a restaurant that made me think it's the kind of place Carl Williams and co might come for family dinner. Plenty of mullets and Chopper moustaches, flannel-style lumberjack jackets, puffer parkas and spiky hair - the BabyCarl spiked hair -on those not old enough to join the ranks of the Chopper chops. Plus there were a lot of babies.

And a guy who bore a striking resemblance to Carl Williams. Just younger and with a flouro orange tshirt and flanno jacket and facial piercings. But mostly it was people who were dressed like they were about to audition for a Bundaberg Rum ad.

Upon arriving at the bowling place, some old guy was exiting and gave me a lascivious smile and wink. Hmmm. Nothing like the aging, I suppose. Bowling results were unsurprising, having now bowled since around 2000. But the second game with 122 points made me happy :)

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