Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The parental units have been in the UK for the past almost-month and visited Stonehenge again (due to the fact that Tobi was with them and he'd not seen it before). Couldn't help but feel a little envious. Talking to them last night, apparently they'd also had the err... joy... of going through Avebury on Solstice. Although I'd say it wouldn't have been as bad as Stonehenge would be around Solstice time, judging by the signs you get as a "warning" about 15 miles before you even reach the stone circle about "queues expected."

I wouldn't have minded going to Avebury last year when we were on holidays over there, but unfortunately the schedule was pretty tight and didn't allow for much "touristy" stuff. So maybe I should start saving up for another trip over to England to do some of the things that I didn't get to last time. Including shopping more. Although prices over there are mostly rather ridiculous, and that's even before you factor in the conversion rate (something that can seem relatively reasonably priced ends up nearly giving you a heart attack when you later see it on your bank statement after it's all processed).

Anyway. At least Mum and Dad have had an adventure-filled trip there (although I think they could have done without the food poisoning thing). Plus they've found out a whole lot more about the relatives, family history and so on. One part has been traced back to the fourth century in France, which is pretty awesome. Apparently the trail goes a bit cold there and the relatives think that to track back further, they'd have to go to France.

Oh, and there's apparently also that thing about the knight involved in the murder of Thomas Becket. The plus side: a knight! The negative side: a murdering knight!

Who knew family history could be so interesting.

Or stabby.


Kaisa said...

Me mE ME!...
ok so I dont know mine or the stories in mine, but still it was an interesting times going backwards

Della said...

I meant more personal family histories - most tend to be quite normal :)

I loved Who Do You Think You Are, particularly the British one. And not just because it had Bill Oddie on it. Or Stephen Fry (if you get a chance to see his ep, do it!).

Maybe you should start doing your family tree thing. Who knows what might turn up :)

Kaisa said...

My mother has a family tree back to the 11th century on her fathers side... an her cousin is probably getting close to there on her mothers side... my dad's father had a list... dunno much more though, mostly just names an wither they could read an write.

Della said...

Hmm, shame there's not more information about what they got up to in their lives or something like that. But often that sort of thing can be found out if you've got dates of birth and death, along with marriages and names and so on.

Timothy Carter said...

Stonehenge is cool. I went there when I was 13. I kept hoping something supernatural would happen, but it was not to be.

I think everyone's family history gets stabby at some point. Cool that you've traced your family line back so far.

Della said...

I know what you mean about hoping something supernatural would happen when you're there! Like some sort of lightning bolt through the universe that suddenly explains its existence or something.

The only thing that happened that was vaguely spooky was when we passed by there after the sun had set and it was closed, but we stopped to view it in the dark. As we were looking at the stones, a figure dressed head-to-toe in black emerged from between them.

Nearly fainted. But it was a security guard. How we laughed... once we recovered from the heart palpitations.

Anyway, I think it's true about everyone's family history getting stabby somewhere along the line. Or containing some variety of vendetta.

Kel said...

avebury - lucky them
so wanted to go there on my trip, but not enough time
and the exchange rate was a killer for any extra travel outside london

Della said...

There's an excuse to go over again at least!

Once enough money's saved up for doing things outside of London... At least the site of Avebury is free, unlike Stonehenge (but then, that wasn't too awfully expensive really). Free entry to things is very nice indeed!