Monday, August 11, 2008

Birthday snow part one

Snow for my birthday made things perfect, even though I've got the 'flu most unpleasantly and was feeling about 1/4 conscious. And I'm older now than I was before.

But then again, I'm even older now than when I typed that last sentence.

Anyway. The snow was fantastic! It had been cleared to the summit, and there were hardly any people there. We were in work clothes, but cruised around for quite a while, taking loads of photos, plunging through the snow, getting snow down my boots.

On the way back down, some lady in suitably sensible snow gear said to me, "I bet you're regretting wearing that skirt!" I said I wasn't, because it meant I didn't have trousers that were getting soaked instead. I mean, my knees were somewhat cold, but it wasn't too bad. And I'm that sort of impractical girl.

By gosh, I love snow.

"That was Chinquo. He was my friend. As children, we played together in forest. My father warn us, 'No go too far, for there are hunter at t' edge of forest.' But Chinquo curious, he always say, 'Bollo, please, please let us go to edge of forest,' over and over and over. And so finally, one day, I chopped his head off. Cup of tea anyone?" - Bollo, The Mighty Boosh.


SugarPuff said...

its much more impressive than it looked from the road!

I wish I could have seen it!!!

Della said...

Usually if you can see it on the trees from down here, it'll be a fantastic cover up there.

It had melted a lot since yesterday, though!

Brandon said...

Wow - I wish I had snow like that! Looks fanastic for a winter adventure.

I'm in Costa Rica attempting to recollect my previous limited Spanish abilities. Also hoping to gain some new ones. I might even be bilingual in a few weeks!

becky said...

happy birthdayness, adele! ..."a little late, but better late than never!" i say!...oddness...suddenly it occurs to me that this saying was probably invented by a woman experiencing a pregnancy scare. hmmm.

aaaaanyway, hope your birthday was the bomb!...without actually experiencing one. the snow exhales prettily.

Della said...

Brandon - it's been an AMAZING season here for snow. It's crazy, just so much of it. How's your Spanish going? Hopefully it's returning :) It's such a good language (and the Pablo Neruda poetry book I picked up recently has a whole lot of it in there - challenging!).

Becky - Thanks! And yes, I guess that is more the pregnancy scare thing. Thankfully no worries about that *lol* Birthday was good. There was snow, so I was happy!