Friday, August 22, 2008

The day I slept with Chopper

With an interesting title like that, you'd be expecting more than what you're about to get...

Last Friday, I flew up to NSW to stay with my parents for about a week. I arrived nice and early at the airport and discovered on entering a large group of cameramen waiting for the Hawthorn coach or something like that. After checking in and wandering up to the gate, I saw Stephanie Alexander. Then Dipper was around in a gate near the one I was leaving from.

Come time to board, I notice Mark "Chopper" Read is at the front of the line. I wasn't sure if it was him at first, but then the lack of ears was kind of a give away. Thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be funny if I was next to him." Instead of giving it more thought, I msg'd a few friends about it and L messaged back to say not to ask about Keithy.

I get onto the plane and you know what? I am sitting next to Chopper.

Which was kind of awkward, because everyone stared at him and he's kind of intimidating. But there was some smalltalk and headphone wrangling and so on. But once we took off, he fell asleep.

And snored.

Kind of like how my grandma used to.

I took my cue from that and though, "I've been up since 6am, may as well have a snooze!" So I dozed lightly and in spite of it being Jetstar, the flight was actually rather enjoyable. Obviously the answer is to sleep through it so as to avert the thought that with it being Jetstar, things may not go quite so well as they might with other airlines. Qantas not included.

And thus, this is where the blog entry title comes from.

Apart from that, the week away was great. Still have this awful 'flu, though. That was one thing that amused me, actually. Thanks to the 'flu, my voice has gone all deep. It was deeper than Chopper's. So much wrongness.


Brandon said...

Well you don´t get to sit next to a notorious figure like Chopper every day... Lucky you :)

Being sick is no fun. I´m there too right now.

Della said...

No, there's a new experience every day! Some of them more unusual than others.

Hope you feel much better soon :)