Friday, August 22, 2008

Reasons I Hate Borders

Mainly, it's because whenever I go in to one, I have the overwhelming urge to buy practically everything in the store. Also, you just want to spend hours there. Which isn't really the best way to spend the day.

When I was visiting Mum and Dad, we dropped into a Borders store near them. Within minutes, I'd found a huge tome of Pablo Neruda's poetry and a good Wilfred Owen collection. I'd thought that would be good enough, but then while I was poking around in the fiction section, I found seven other books I just had to buy.

See, that's the problem with Borders. They've got such a huge range of stuff, which means that they've got things other book stores have to order in for you. And I hate waiting for things to be ordered in. Being able to just pick it up off the shelf is such a satisfying feeling.

So there I am, wandering around Borders with a mountain of books in my arms and a look of sheer ecstacy on my face.

Also found The Mighty Boosh 3, which I bought.

I feel like I should type in a hushed whisper, but I really didn't enjoy it. Perhaps it's because of having the 'flu from hell, but there were hardly any parts that amused me deeply. It was a big difference from the first two series, which never fail to make me laugh outrageously.

The books are all most excellent, though.

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