Sunday, August 31, 2008

Spring is (nearly) here...

Why doesn't the breeze delight me? Spring is here, why doesn't the night invite me?

Starting spring cleaning is hard.

Moved some stuff around, but still haven't really made any progress. Also haven't gotten any further on a landscape of Melbourne I've been trying to force myself to complete. It's currently languishing on the dining room table, the most recent place for it to be moved to.

Sometimes art is hard, particularly when there's not much time to do it. Or inclination.

Plus there's all the dustbunnies to round up and exterminate.

Spring resolution: give more things away to charity. Then they get to deal with the things I'm not sure I want any more. Lucky them.

On another train of thoughts entirely, Midsommer Murders has a secret tunnel on it tonight. Back in the old house, I always wished we had something like that to match with our fantastic cellar.

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