Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Observations on breaking a leg - the bad

> It sucks. Sucks great big hairy goat balls.

> Cam walkers are much better than casts. But it's still a job getting anywhere and you can't really do all that much once you're there. It quite puts a halt to my big plans for the holidays to have worked on the garden, done more painting in the house, do the decking, etc.

> The bruising has been spectacular, but is fading now. I should post some photos sometime soon to traumatise you all.

> Crutches are annoying.

> I'm amazed at how many strangers come up to me in shops, on the street, etc to ask what I did to my leg. And then many of them laugh when I tell them how. Wonder how amusing they'd find it if they'd done it. Or if I smacked them about the ears with a crutch.

> I'm missing Kaisa and Pete's wedding thanks to it :(

> I've really gotten nothing done at all *sigh*

> Also, if anyone else makes comments they think are amusing about "breaking a leg" or puns along those lines or whatever, please bear in mind I have heard them before. A number of times. This will help you understand why I will give you a look of pure unimpressed-ness.

> Being told a cast is "sexy" by a guy I know and asked if we could hook up. My immediate thoughts were, "Run... Err... Hobble away!" Disturbing. And kinda wrong. But also somehow kind of funny.

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