Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Observations on breaking a leg - the good

> My family. They've been looking after me. And doing all of the things that I'd planned to do over the holidays. Will have to buy them something nice or create something fantastic to say thanks once I'm up and about again properly.

> Zipping around Bunnings in a wheelchair is ridiculously fun.

> Having not one but TWO hot doctors fix my leg, asisted by lovely nurses who were all amusing and sweet and reassuring. Of course, the time I meet hot doctors is the time I am not looking my best.

> Morphine, oxycontin and chocolate mousse.

> The gorgeous flowers from the people at work, along with the lovely bunch from people associated with our work (thanks, Melody!).

> My neighbours. They were amazing and I'm going to miss them when they move in a couple days. But they've got great things in store for this year and I can't think of anyone more deserving.

> My phone miraculously lasting from Sunday to Wednesday in hospital with regular use and me sending out loads of SMSs and stuff in my boredom. It flashed up with "Low Battery" within minutes of me hobbling in the door at home.

> Getting random calls from people just to check up on how I'm going.

> Some amusing conversations that have arisen from random strangers approaching me to ask how the leg breaking happened. Including being challenged to a race by an old guy who was also on crutches.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have thought there would be much good about breaking a leg.

When does the cast come off?

kris said...

you make a broken leg sound awesome! maybe i'll join you in the ER:)

Della said...

Lee - the cast was off after a week and now a cam walker's on.

Kris - it has its moments. Except they're few and far between *lol*