Friday, January 23, 2009

Physio = not that scary

I'd been getting looks of total sympathy and/or horror stories about going to the physio throughout the week, but it actually wasn't bad. Or maybe I just have a masochistically high pain threshold.

Physio - boyishly charming with adorably curly hair.

Treatment - not actually that painful. In fact, quite lovely. The only really sore bit is still on the top of my foot, but that's apparently more to do with tendon strain or something.

Exercises - had already been doing some of them, just because it felt right, so I was relieved I'd been doing the right thing.

X-rays - physio impressed with healing.

I'm going back next week, so hopefully I'll make more progress with the exercise and be less reliant on the cam walker thing. Actually, this morning for the first time, I was wandering around without using crutches. Makes the ankle sore, but yay!!!

Plus, in one of those times when I didn't have the camera at hand, I was wearing my devil's horns this morning. The random cat came around for a visit only noticed the horns once he got inside. He backed away, eyes wide as saucers and pupils dilated, looking rather psychotic. Kind of wondered what was going through his mind, other than the breeze.


He recovered quite well from the shock to have a scratchunder the chin, hunt around the house and attack Mum's arm. He really is a total nutcase. But I quite like him.


clarebear said...

I loved phisio.
and a cute phisio? you scored.

Della said...

I'm not loving it now - leg soooo sore! Ugh.

The physio is boyishly charming, but not exactly what I'd call cute. He's got the charm in buckets, though.