Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week Five

So, today is the fifth week of having a broken leg.

I don't recommend it, frankly.

Although it's a great way to strike up conversations with strangers, all of whom want to know what exactly occurred to the leg. And then, more often than not, laugh when you tell them. So I guess that's interesting enough.

Also saw the specialist on Thursday, and he thinks things are progressing well. According to the new X-rays, the bone is healing really well and there's nothing wrong with the top of the foot. The only real issue with the X-rays was managing to get up onto the table using only one leg and my arms and not managing to flash anyone as I did so. Or fall off the table while getting down.

Mostly it's a learning experience, though. You learn that the more you pay for a specialist/surgeon, the less time you'll spend with them. You also learn that Medicare doesn't cover you with payments for seeing said specialist in hospital because you don't have a referral note from your own doctor. Yes, that's right. So if you are going to be rushed to hospital for an emergency, remember to have the foresight to get a referral from your local doctor. Just in case...

I'm managing to get around more on crutches, too. Navigated an entire shopping centre on Friday, along with the carpark. But on the whole, it's restrictive. You have to think about where you're going, what stairs there are or whether there's uneven ground or anything. And then keep an eye on the ground at all times (an excellent way for finding random coins actually).


The long and short of it is that there's another three weeks of cam walker for me. And physio and so on. Argh. Will post some photos of it later.


Jessica said...

Ah yes, gotta love those good old referrals. How dare you not plan for an unexpected emergency and inconvenience the insurance company.

Della said...

I know, I'd forgotten it's all about them! ;) I mean, you wouldn't want to cause them any problems or make their lives difficult... A broken leg is nothing compared to having to do some extra paperwork!

Jessica said...

I saw a magnet that reminded me of you the other day, it was a certain familiar pope with his fingers encircling his eyes... : )

Della said...

Oh my God. I must find this magnet!

I can seeeee you!

*falls over laughing*

I'd post that photo of that Pope on my blog, but it might disturb too many people ;)

Jessica said...

Go to I found it there. I about pissed my pants laughing.