Sunday, June 07, 2009

I totally forgot about posting this on Thursday night after grocery shopping, but it amused me way too much to not post it.

Mum to her two small children: You're going to bed early tonight!
Little boy: Whhhhhyyyyy? Why do I have to go to bed early?!
Mum: Because you've been going to school and punching on...
Little boy: But I haven't done that!
Mum: I was talking to your sister. I heard you have been swearing at school!

Hmm. Is it becoming that kind of area?

In other thoughts regarding shopping: whatever happened to green Frogs Alive, why would I want to buy hot chocolate called Taboo, why were the CD wallets with the chips and who programmed the night's radio selection of 50s/60s hits (with added emphasis on the Tom Jones)?

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