Wednesday, June 10, 2009


And fantastic snow at that.

Kez, her lovely husband M and I went up to the snow today at lunch. There was apparently 28cms of depth, but that would have been up on the summit. Access wasn't available to the summit, unfortunately, and it was dangerous enough driving up to the carpark we got to with the amount of snow on the road.

But I love snow SO much. I've been ecstatic all day to the point where getting up at 6.30am to leave for work at 7am wasn't something that overly phased me (had to be there early as Larie had to be at work early). Apart from how cold it was this morning. I woke up around 4.30am, got up and put the heater on, hoping it'd take the chill off the air before I had to get up. It hadn't. Soooooo icy.

Also tried out my new snow boots and gloves. The gloves are okay and it's nice to have warm hands while up there. But you can't do anything at all hands-related without it being in the most fumbling fashion possible. The fingers are so thick with padding that you can't feel anything through them, so gripping stuff isn't the easiest, particularly when it's something small like a camera. Ended up going around with one glove on, one glove off. Worked for me.

The boots, however, are magnificent. Warm, waterproof, not really very slippery. Thank-you, Aldi!

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