Thursday, June 11, 2009

Placenta update:

Officemate: Your hair looks so shiny and soft today! It's not just because I'm hallucinating with the 'flu, is it?
Me: No. It's the placenta.
Officemate: Oh! So you finally used it? Cool!


Copyeditor: I thought your hair looked especially spritely today.
Me: The placenta worked!
Copyeditor: Awesome! Wait, holy crap, you're serious.
Me: *nearly falls over laughing*
Copyeditor: I find it hard to think of anything I'd be less likely to put anywhere near my head. Other than a power drill.

So the Hask Placenta stuff worked, really. It has made my hair noticeably softer and shinier and I'm pretty pleased with it. Will definitely be buying more tomorrow and then lining up the little vials on the bathroom shelf, which I'm sure will be considered a selling point of the house if/when it comes to that.


Odysseus Snelling said...

mmm, placenta... smells like stem-cells! :D

Actually I'm with the copy editor... placenta and power drills aren't going near my head!

Della said...

Maybe it does... Don't think I really want to find that out, though!

Placenta's great for your hair. Power drills, not so much.