Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hask Placenta for hair, that is.

I have to admit, I was disappointed. I had been hoping it’d be slippery. Gooey. That it’d drip satisfyingly in a viscous sort of fashion. But it was watery, insipid, not at all what I’d expected (and secretly hoped – I kind of wanted to squeal like a little kid when I poured it onto my hands. Instead it was a response more along the lines of, “Oh… Dull!”).

Incidentally, Invaders Must Die was totally not the right sort of album choice to accompany the use of Hask Placenta. It’s too energetic for something so non-industrial/watered-down lambing season.

And it didn’t even have much of a perfume. Not that I was expecting it to smell of sheep—more like I’d thought it would probably have a heavy perfume to encourage people to distance their thoughts of just where the placenta comes from.

It had all looked so promising in its little vial, though, with the pearlescent sheen the liquid had when you shook it up. Hopefully that sheen is what will make hair shiny and happy.

So far it doesn’t seem to bad.

I also did another thing for the first time ever—used a hairdryer to dry my hair. In the past, the only time I’ve used hairdryers was to make those puffy fabric paints puff up in the late 80s and to dry condensation out of my camera. My hair’s naturally pretty voluminous (not to mention in possession of a mind of its own and tendency to want to get into everything). Hairdrying it turned it into the biggest hair this side of the 1980s.

It wasn’t even fully dry when I decided to stop so that I’d be able to get out of the bathroom.

Bend Your Mind by Elysian Fields is the perfect hairdrying song, though.

Hask Placenta verdict: Womb for improvement.


Melody said...

You cannot tell us how big your hair is without a photo! ;)

I just used a Tresemme conditioner for the first time last night - my gosh, my hair feels so soft and fluffy.

Della said...

It's not big now ;) But I'll have to take some photos with the Hask results.

I've heard Tresemme is pretty good. Have you tried Charles Worthington stuff at all? They used to have a line called Dream Hair, which was amazing. But his moisture boost thing that exists now isn't too bad.

Argh! Reminds me, must send photos of the other hair mask stuff! I keep forgetting *lol*